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A Question Of Time - ereader

A Question Of Time - ereader

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Helen Sanderson-White

Helen Sanderson-White is a purveyor of beautiful, crafted, thought provoking music. Her lyrics are sung with a striking purity and clarity. Described by Cross Rhythms “Finely-crafted pop songs, driven home by little hooks that get under your skin.”

Sirens and Other Mysteries, the new EP from Helen Sanderson- White is a slow burning collection of intensely personal tracks. Predominantly led by Helen's piano and vocals, it also sees her reunite with producer Andy Baker, who has delivered a very slick result. Opener Without You showcases a more soul-influenced style than Helen's previous recordings, featuring some subtle guitar work from Baker that recalls Sade.

In 2011 Do You Seek An Answer was number one in the UK and European NCM charts. Helen was also the winner of the UKCMA-NCM Contemporary Artiste (England) award in 2011.

Helen Sanderson-White is based in Oxford, the daughter of a Baptist minister and wife of a Church of England ordinand.


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