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A Question Of Time - ereader

A Question Of Time - ereader

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My name is Marvin Joseph [aka] KEYLYRIC.

I am a music Producer, rapper, songwriter and musician that loves creating great positive music.

At a very young age I started messing around with various instruments and exploring the world of sound from a number of cultural backgrounds. As time developed, I recognised my true potential and passion for music and rap.

Since then, I have travelled the world to various countries such as France, USA, Trinidad, Poland, and Jamaica creating and establishing great music with a collection of bands, artist and individuals. Additionally, in 2009 I started a record label known as RSM records, which has platformed the 2012 PGMA award winning group RSM Squad and now allows my creativity and skills to be utilised while producing and developing other talented individuals with like minded visions. Currently I'm working on a number of tracks and albums that hopefully, by Gods grace would inspire, encourage and edify individuals to fulfil there dreams and destiny both locally and internationally.

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