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Caroline Johnston

Caroline is the Marketing Director at Eat-A-CD. Being involved with Eat-A-CD meant following a long term dream. And once you follow one dream another one is bound to come along – for Caroline this was writing.

Caroline is married to Innes and has three children.

What age were you when you began writing your first book? 36

Why did you decide to write? At the age of 7 a teacher encouraged us to write more than just one or two sentences for our school diaries, so I started writing paragraphs. And from then on I loved creative writing at school, but never thought of it beyond school. Then in my mid 30s I was challenged to follow my dreams, but did I have any dreams? Over the course of the next few months the thoughts of following my dreams stayed with me. I remembered back to my school days and my love for creative writing. I started getting book titles and ideas coming into my head. And so I decided to go for it and attempt to write a novel.

What's your favourite part about writing?  The creative process. Getting caught up in developing characters and building them into a “real” person.

Are you currently/planning writing another book? I have ideas for more books, but having just finished my first book, I'll give it a few months and then decide what to do next.

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What If? - ereader

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