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A Question Of Time - ereader

A Question Of Time - ereader

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Thanks for visiting the website. is an online store with an unique range of Christian media. You can download products from, or buy physical CDs/Books from our Amazon store - has a fantastic, ever growing catalogue of Christian media. Quality products from independent artists. You may know some of these artists or you may not, why not get to know some new artists today – go make yourself a cupa, get comfy, and have a virtual wander round You'll discover lots of great products from a group of amazing artists:

  • music- listen to 45 second samples of any of the songs on the site
  • teaching- there are audio samples of the teaching resources
  • ebooks- browse the collection of ebooks, and read a sample chapter
  • photography- have a look at the photography samples
  • resources- download a free Eikon product to get to know the Eikon range of Sunday School resources.
  • POETRY???

And if you've got any questions, or you're looking for some advice on any of the products on, don't hesitate toget in touch.

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The ethos behind is very much based on relationships: from the management team to the artists, to the teachers, to the authors. And we want to include you in that too – hang out at, connect with us on facebook( and twitter(, sign up for our newsletter, and keep up to date with all the latest happenings at

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Caroline. At I'm the main contact point with artists, so if you're thinking about distributing through send me an email. and lets start chatting. In addition to chatting with the artists I also take care of the marketing side of things at I love what we do at, it's such a privilege to work with so many hugely talented artists. It's exciting to see so many local independent artists following their passion, their God given gifts, and step out in faith. At we want to do whatever we can to help and encourage these amazing artists.


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