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A Question Of Time - ereader

A Question Of Time - ereader

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A Question Of Time - ereader

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A Question Of Time - ereader

"But surely there has always been time, hasn't there?" was the question that set me thinking. There were many other questions followed on, such as:

- If there has always been time, then how old is God?

- If all things were made by the Lord Jesus Christ, does this include time and if not, why not?

- If time was a part of creation, then what effect does that have on our theology and theories about how everything began?

As these and other questions are examined, some radical conclusions emerge that are rarely considered.

Many are seeking a deeper and closer relationship with God. One of the major obstacles standing in the way of achieving that goal is time itself. In finding answers to this most basic of problems, the way opens up into the timeless zone of eternity.

Sample chapter.

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